Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Almost August!

How did this happen?  Ok, since my last post, we've moved from Missouri to Ohio and we live in an awesome subdevelopment outside of Cleveland.  Here's us and the puppies enjoying the back deck :)

Then we went to Chicago and got married!!!!  It was an awesome day :)

Then we went to Jamaica for our honeymoon!  Just FYI, it's very hot there in June and apparently a little nicer in the winter.  We had no idea lol

And now Ninja, at 9 months old, is the same size as Mocha, who's 17 months old.  Guess he's gonna be a big doggie :)

So what's next?  I need to find a job!  But in the meantime I keep adding to my Etsy shop.  Check back often for new designs!  There're already some Christmas sweaters up there and a Halloween sweater is on it's way.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Since my puppies are like my children, every little event is a milestone.  This past weekend, we took Ninja for his first real haircut.

Here's his before picture.  He's laying on the couch claiming the big dog toys for his own:

When we picked up the pups (3 hours later) the groomer that had worked on Ninja said "omg he's totally a ninja that's the perfect name for him!"  She seemed smitten ;)

Mocha got a wash and a blowout, so he was super fluffy and extra happy to see us

I think Ninja felt a little violated.  He spent the ride home sitting in the back looking dejected lol

I love this look on him.  He really looks like a puppy now!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quick update!

So remiss in updating my blog!  Guess I'll never be a famous blogger :-/

The craft fair went pretty well.  It was nice to get my name out there, but March at 80 degrees isn't really the time to sell doggie sweaters...

There was one really cool vendor who hand paints wooden eggs.  His work was beautiful!  Unfortunately, I couldn't afford it, but I wanted to share it!  Here's one of my favorites:

Isn't that georgous?
The Egg Man is his website

I also got a custom made coat for Mocha.  It's just as beautiful as I had hoped, lined with fleece.  Wicked cute, I can't even stand it.  Here's a few pics I took:

It has a little hood, even though you can't really see it, and a D-ring on the back so it can be used as a harness :)  Got it from this shop on Etsy - http://www.etsy.com/shop/KozyCanines

And finally (don't I sound like I'm writing an essay? lol) Mocha and Ninja have been getting along sooooo well.  Mocha's been enjoying agility classes while Ninja goes through puppy kindergarten.  They love to play together, chase the balls, etc.  Then they conk out.  I think Mocha's pretty happy with the whole "I have a little brother" thing :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Learning about our Ninja Shoe

We've had our little Ninja Shoe for about 10 days now and he is turning out to be the sweetest little creature.  He and Mocha play non-stop.  Mocha even brings Shoe toys to wrestle over!  I'll put some videos on YouTube as soon as I can figure out what the email is for the account.... /sigh

The two puppies run around and wrestle like crazy till they can't go anymore.  Then, our home looks something like this:

Anyway, Mocha is 1 year old and about 12 lbs.  Shoe is 4 months old and 9 lbs!  He's going to be gigantic.  Right now they're both sitting by the window watching people come in and out the building.

Shoe has so many endearing qualities.  For one, his little tail wags constantly.  Another is the little white streak he has on his chin.  But I think my favorite is the cuddling.  He just loves to be petted.

Yesterday he was snoring on my lap:

In other news, I've been getting ready for my first craft fair next weekend.  It's in St. Louis at the Lindbergh High School.  I hope w/all my heart that it goes well.  

Here are some of the collars I'm working on:

I think since it's been so warm I'll have more luck w/collars than sweaters, but you never know!

I've also updated the Facebook page for Inspired by Mocha.  People can buy straight through FB!  I didn't know you could do that lol.  For someone in their mid-20's, I'm pretty slow with technology and social media.  Here's our facebook page:

And one final update:  We are officially moving from Kirksville, MO to Cuyahoga Falls, OH on May 30 & 31!  Soooo excited!  And then getting married June 9th!  Double Excited! :) 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New new new!

So, this past week has been full of changes for us!  First, we got a Prius!  Super excited, it's a really nice car and worked out well for us financially.

Second, I got Mocha a bed to sleep on and we took away the crate.  He hated that crate, even though we trained him in it and he used to sleep in it and be in it all day.  Hate is too kind a word.  He loathed that crate, or at least being locked up in it.

It's taken a little bit of work to keep Mocha from chewing on, digging in, and humping his new bed, but he seems to really enjoy it.  This is a photo of him I just took.  He's listening to some Brahms very intently :)

We are also getting a new addition to our family!  Well, here's a picture :)

He's such a precious little thing.  A 4 month old Shih-Poo, just like Mocha.  We're going to call him Shoe.  We took Mocha to meet him and they hit it off right away.  Super sweet little guy doesn't nip at all and wasn't yappy either.  We get to pick him up on Tuesday and I'm pretty sure Shoe and Mocha are going to be besties.  Or at least I super hope they will!  Here's a photo of Mocha next to Shoe:

As you can see, Shoe is black with a pretty white stripe down his chest.  He also has little white tufts at the tips of his paws.  I can't even handle how cute they are together.  We think Shoe will get pretty big.  He's 4 months old and almost as big as Mocha already, who's 1 year old.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

1 month later!

Apparently, I update once a month ;)  Better than never, I suppose.

I've been trying to exercise more (or at all) recently.  What I'd really love to do is to run, but I quickly discovered that I can hardly walk.  I've got this old knee injury that just won't quit, so I've been doing some weight lifting to try and strengthen the muscles around my knee to keep it more stable.  So maybe in a few weeks I can go for a long walk? :-/

Unfortunately, I am not a morning person.  Ever.  At all.  So, if I work from 8:30-5:30, I definitely won't be getting up at 6am to exercise.  Ever.  And of course I don't want to go right after work.  Who would?  Sure, let's stand for 8 hours and then go for a run.  Uh, no thanks.  So, it's definitely been a challenge.

In better news, we're about ready to send out the wedding invitations!  The registries are set, the hotel is booked, and we're ready to go!  Let's get married! woooo

This is what we're doing for our favors

http://www.etsy.com/listing/34165319/favor-cake-and-centerpiece-personalized is the link since I can't remember how to make the picture itself into a link...

To see more of our wedding, or my ideas of it, I have some cool things pinned on Pinterest:


Now, off to do the dishes!  Ah, my life is so glamorous!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


So, the holidays came and went and I'm just as bad at keeping up with blogging as I was with having a diary.  Which is to say, terrible.  Obviously :)

Anyway,  I've learned to sew, sort of, and made some cute little bandanas that I hope someone will want their dog wearing around Valentine's day.

I'm also working on another polka dot sweater.  Here's a photo as seen from my vantage point

I had a moment tonight, when I was knitting, where I couldn't find Mocha anywhere.  I look up from my knitting and away from my Star Trek and he's nowhere to be found.  Well, eventually, I found him:

There's a white sheet draped over this chair and he was sleeping underneath it with some of his toys and my socks.  Funniest thing I'd seen all day.  He's just the cutest :)