Sunday, March 4, 2012

New new new!

So, this past week has been full of changes for us!  First, we got a Prius!  Super excited, it's a really nice car and worked out well for us financially.

Second, I got Mocha a bed to sleep on and we took away the crate.  He hated that crate, even though we trained him in it and he used to sleep in it and be in it all day.  Hate is too kind a word.  He loathed that crate, or at least being locked up in it.

It's taken a little bit of work to keep Mocha from chewing on, digging in, and humping his new bed, but he seems to really enjoy it.  This is a photo of him I just took.  He's listening to some Brahms very intently :)

We are also getting a new addition to our family!  Well, here's a picture :)

He's such a precious little thing.  A 4 month old Shih-Poo, just like Mocha.  We're going to call him Shoe.  We took Mocha to meet him and they hit it off right away.  Super sweet little guy doesn't nip at all and wasn't yappy either.  We get to pick him up on Tuesday and I'm pretty sure Shoe and Mocha are going to be besties.  Or at least I super hope they will!  Here's a photo of Mocha next to Shoe:

As you can see, Shoe is black with a pretty white stripe down his chest.  He also has little white tufts at the tips of his paws.  I can't even handle how cute they are together.  We think Shoe will get pretty big.  He's 4 months old and almost as big as Mocha already, who's 1 year old.



  1. OH, I love Shoe, and he does remind me of Gianna, down to the same white stripe on the chest. I am sure they will be inseparable buddies. Wait - you will laugh out loud and their antics together, and wonder why you didn't do this earlier.
    Congrats on everything!

  2. Congratulations!! At our house we think the more the merrier. I am sure you will have so much fun having the 2 of the together. They are just adorable!!

  3. What a blast! You are now big family! Love the black and white together. What fun!

  4. Congrats on the new addition. Shoe is so cute and what a perfect little buddy for Mocha. :)