Thursday, November 21, 2013

First OH Craft Fair

Hello world! Did my first craft fair in Ohio last weekend. It was sooooo slow. Unnervingly slow, really. But, we did ok and got lots of compliments! Here's some pics of my setup:

I hung the dog collars on wire shelving from our pantry. And that white box there in the bottom photo was actually a plastic crate that I covered in white packing paper to make it look a little nicer. I'm going to sew a cover for it soon.

They wouldn't let me have Mocha with me because it was an indoor craft show and they were selling food (to the 20 people that came...) so I brought my laptop and had a slideshow playing of Mocha and Ninja modeling the sweaters.

So, now what? We're doing another show, of course! December 7th at the Falcon Academy of Creative Arts (FACA) in Mogodore, OH. Sure hope it goes well!

Also... I opened a shop on Zibbet. It's a website that's really committed to selling handmade, like Etsy used to be. So, here's the link (I'll try to find a widget too):

Just a couple things on there, but a super nice community. I'm interested to see how the site does.