Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Since my puppies are like my children, every little event is a milestone.  This past weekend, we took Ninja for his first real haircut.

Here's his before picture.  He's laying on the couch claiming the big dog toys for his own:

When we picked up the pups (3 hours later) the groomer that had worked on Ninja said "omg he's totally a ninja that's the perfect name for him!"  She seemed smitten ;)

Mocha got a wash and a blowout, so he was super fluffy and extra happy to see us

I think Ninja felt a little violated.  He spent the ride home sitting in the back looking dejected lol

I love this look on him.  He really looks like a puppy now!

1 comment:

  1. OMG, he is so adorable. And he looks smaller. LOL
    First of all I love the way he has taken possession of his toys.
    I'm sure he was a little unsure of what just happenned to him. Hope you give him lots and lots of compliments so he knows how good he looks. He is a real cutie. They both are.
    You know I love the black and white combo - so pretty together.