Sunday, March 18, 2012

Learning about our Ninja Shoe

We've had our little Ninja Shoe for about 10 days now and he is turning out to be the sweetest little creature.  He and Mocha play non-stop.  Mocha even brings Shoe toys to wrestle over!  I'll put some videos on YouTube as soon as I can figure out what the email is for the account.... /sigh

The two puppies run around and wrestle like crazy till they can't go anymore.  Then, our home looks something like this:

Anyway, Mocha is 1 year old and about 12 lbs.  Shoe is 4 months old and 9 lbs!  He's going to be gigantic.  Right now they're both sitting by the window watching people come in and out the building.

Shoe has so many endearing qualities.  For one, his little tail wags constantly.  Another is the little white streak he has on his chin.  But I think my favorite is the cuddling.  He just loves to be petted.

Yesterday he was snoring on my lap:

In other news, I've been getting ready for my first craft fair next weekend.  It's in St. Louis at the Lindbergh High School.  I hope w/all my heart that it goes well.  

Here are some of the collars I'm working on:

I think since it's been so warm I'll have more luck w/collars than sweaters, but you never know!

I've also updated the Facebook page for Inspired by Mocha.  People can buy straight through FB!  I didn't know you could do that lol.  For someone in their mid-20's, I'm pretty slow with technology and social media.  Here's our facebook page:

And one final update:  We are officially moving from Kirksville, MO to Cuyahoga Falls, OH on May 30 & 31!  Soooo excited!  And then getting married June 9th!  Double Excited! :) 

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