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Sarah and Mocha!
Hello hello! This is me! I'm Sarah, and I'm a piano teacher living in Akron, Ohio. I love my job, it's the best job in the world, and gives me some free time to do the other things I love, like training dogs and working with animal rescue.

You can see my piano teaching website at:

I've helped with puppy and obedience classes, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) classes, and agility classes. I don't claim to have any kind of certification, but I think I'm pretty good at training and really enjoy working with dogs. Even better is the amazement owners show when I get their dog to do something they couldn't!

Nathan and Ninja!
This is my husband, Nathan. He's a rehab doctor and works in Cleveland. Ninja is his dog, Mocha is my dog, although they both love us both, and we both love each of them.

I truly believe that every dog can be trained. There are many rescue dogs out there that would make fantastic household pets, and almost as many rescue dogs out there that can get their CGC and become a therapy dog.

Mocha and Ninja both have their CGC. It's a title given out by the AKC to prove that our dogs are good dogs.

Mocha is also a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International. We visit a nursing home every few weeks, and the residents really look forward to seeing him. He always greets them with a smile and a tail wag.

I've also volunteered with the following organizations:

One of a Kind Pets
Paws and Prayers
Cleveland Shih Tzu Rescue

I've seen a little of the administrative side of animal rescue, and we fostered four dogs in our home in 2014, helping them each find loving homes.

Please check out my blog, where I post training tips and general information about dog training, animal rescue, and adoption. And feel free to email me with any training questions you may have. inspiredbymocha@gmail.com

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