Monday, November 7, 2011

The Blogosphere, day 2

Since I made this blog yesterday, I feel the need to post again.  All motivated and things.

Mocha hasn't figured out daylight savings time yet.  He woke me up exactly an hour early this morning.  Of course it was with lots of love and some cuddles, but it was still way too early :(  But how can I say no to this face?

Mocha's favorite thing is tummy rubs.  He's pretty much shameless and will have his tummy rubbed at any time.

He also shamelessly pouts when one of us is gone.  This is Mocha waiting for Nathan to come home.

Life is tough, quite obviously, when you're adorable.

And here is my shameless plug for my team.  I want one of these, btw, for Mocha.  Therefore they would make an excellent Christmas present *hint hint*


  1. Hey, good morning! I'm glad to see I'm not the only "newbie" blogger out here in cyberland. (I found your blog on the Petsy team site.) Your dogger looks wonderfully cuddly and huggable! What would we do without out small dogs? I've got 3 poms of my own and I'm fostering a pug as well, now, plus we have a big outdoor mutt (very lovable) and a couple of cats... I trip over a lot! :) Pop over and visit my goofy blog "Stuff and Nonsense" sometime when you get a chance:

  2. Just found you on one of the Etsy blogging sites (think it was the Etsy Entrepreneurs site). Would love to invite you to visit my site at where I make, mend and create cuddly toys for sale in my shop at Will be following you in future, so hope you'll be interested enough to return the favour!

    All the best.

  3. Thanks so much ladies! Nice to meet you. Careful, I'll be following (or stalking) your blogs now ;)