Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Fall

Hello all!

It's been forever, I know. I've been thinking about the blog recently and wanting to share with more people what we're doing with our pups.

Ninja has taken some advanced obedience classes. We're hoping to certify him as a therapy dog and take him into nursing homes and hospitals. Honestly, we're pretty sure he'd pass the test, however he's a little vocal so we're holding off in order to let him grow up just a little bit more. I mean, he's just turning 2 years old this month. He has plenty of time, right? And by vocal, I mean that he sings a little bit. He very rarely barks, just kind of... whines I guess. But we like to think of it as singing :)

Mocha has been doing fantastic. A little over a year ago, we entered him in agility classes and he's really grown into a wonderful dog. He loves agility. I mean, he lives for it. It's his favorite thing and I really enjoy it too.

We have a trial this weekend, probably the last for the year, and I know he'll do great. Ninja's running too, but he doesn't really enjoy it as much as Mocha.

I also reopened the Etsy shop. Not much new yet, but I'm getting a fancy pair or scissors this week so that I can finish a rag quilt I started ... oh... over a year ago! So I'm excited about that. I really liked the quilting process, just not the cutting at the end. Hopefully, getting the scissors will help with that.

And just one more pic, in case you weren't sure that Mocha loves agility:

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