Sunday, October 27, 2013

Excellent October

What a wonderful October we've had. Both pups did great at a CPE trial a few weekends ago, and I'm so proud of them.

Here's a picture of their ribbons from that first Saturday. They each had a perfect day. Mocha did all five events and Ninja did two :)

And here's a couple videos. Ninja's in level 1, and Mocha finished level 1 and is now in 2/3. (There are 5 levels in CPE Agility.)

This is Mocha's level 2 standard run. It was his first time seeing the teeter and weaves in competition. He did perfect and I'm so proud :)

And here's Ninja! He's very different from Mocha. Mocha is cautious and watches me very carefully. Ninja is... a ninja! He's fast, really fast, but he's still young and doesn't always watch. I hope one day he'll be a little more cautious, I worry about him hurting himself.

Well, so there they are, hope you enjoy seeing my furkids.

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